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Rain Shower

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There’s just to much sexiness going on with this photo. I can’t help but stare at his very beautiful body and muscular arms. Too bad, I don’t know his name. Another one added to my list of nameless fantasies…

Naked Warrior

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It’s everybody’s dream to meet their Handsome Knight in shining armour. But don’t you think a Handsome Knight wearing nothing at all is much better?

Visit Ben aka Inked Jellyman‘s online portfolio here.

Male In Focus: Alan Valdez

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It’s a lazy weekend so here’s a little something to wake you up. He’s Alan Valdez, a Latino Fitness Model from Miami Florida. He’s been joining several modeling competitions and got 2nd Place in the Model America Championships (November 2008) and 7th in Model Universe (June 2009).

Check out inch after inch of his muscles. Those hard abs are simply to die for. And those bulging veins running in his arms are proof of his hardwork to achieve his perfect physique.

Gregg Homme Underwear Collection- Octane

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Milk Drenched

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